A geek is not immediately noticeable, and so in case you need to pronounce that fact louder, then these Geek Clothings 
are definitely the must-have. We also have Cosplay, Anime, Gaming or Kawaii specific items.

Anime, K-Pop, Kawaii Fashion, Movies, TV series, Gaming, Pastel Kei, Harry Potter, Naruto, demon slayer, Dragon Ball


AlterCos Hoodie
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AlterCos Traditional J-Fahion

AlterCos loves T-Shirts, but T-Shirts are not the only thing we love.

We also love and care for our planet and everyone on it, which is why we only work with 100% organic cotton. Keep it clean!


A range of Hoodies featuring a huge variety of designs in sizes S-XXXL. AlterCos Hoodies are available in the best-selling black, the classic white, and many others.


Most people have heard of the kimono, and beautiful though they are, you might not know that kimono are not the only traditional Japanese clothing that people are still wearing today.

From warm winter hanten jackets to loose-fitting workwear, from martial arts outfits to elaborate festival gear, there are plenty of options to enjoy Japanese fashion.


Dress in frilly and girly pieces inspired by the fashion and color of Harajuku, Tokyo! Check out our collection of frilly dresses, girly skirts, and kawaii shirts.