J-Fashion is a big collection of all different fashion styles that have come out of Japan, more specifically Harajuku.

Lolita, Gyaru,  Ganguro, Kogal, Bōsōzoku, Decora, Visual kei, Oshare kei, Angura kei, Cult party kei or Fairy Kei, are some of the multiples sorts of Harajuku types of fashion.


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Dress in frilly and girly pieces inspired by the fashion and color of Harajuku, Tokyo! Check out our collection of frilly dresses, girly skirts, and kawaii shirts.


Most people have heard of the kimono, and beautiful though they are, you might not know that kimono are not the only traditional Japanese clothing that people are still wearing today.

From warm winter hanten jackets to loose-fitting workwear, from martial arts outfits to elaborate festival gear, there are plenty of options to enjoy Japanese fashion.


AlterCos is the place where you can let your personality stand out. As one fast growing Kawaii clothing, we understand what you want. Our customers come to us because we have everything else you are looking for.


These kawaii Gloves are made of love to the kawaii culture. Find the cutest kawaii Gloves with AlterCos.



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