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Our collection of kawaii masks features everything from Anime, K-Pop and anything cute as the kawaii Japanese fashion!


Lap up our uber extensive range of novelty AlterCos mugs! You could drink coffee like a pro with our awesome mugs. Or wind down whilst rocking the aesthetic with our geeky mugs. Just looking through everything is enough to make us thirsty! 


If you always have the urge to give everything a little more 'something' then our AlterCos pin badge sets are exactly what you need. Jazz up your school bag, denim jacket or t-shirt with our pins that pay tribute to all your favourite animes, movies and games.


Real nerds are nerdy at every given opportunity, so when it comes to stashing your cash there's no exception. It’s a good thing we got all the cool wallets you need. Store your notes, cards and coins in one of our wallets and you'll be the coolest guy on the block. 


Stationery lover, stapler enthusiast, pen collector or bibliophile - whatever term you give yourself as a fan of stationery goods it doesn't matter, bag yourself geeky stationery from the likes of Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and a whole load more.