Product specifics
Brand Oishi/Shanghaojia
Series Garden Potato Chips
Taste Package Original Flavor 50g*1+ Barbecue 50g*2+ Tomato 50g*2+ Sweet And Spicy 50g*1+ Mustard Flavor 50g*1+ Honey Butter Flavor 50g*1+ Red Braised Pork 50g*1 Package
Origin China Mainland
Province Shanghai
Packing Package
Types Of Puffed Food Potato Chips
Net Weight 450g
Production License Number SC11231011800261
Factory Name Shanghaojia China Co., Ltd.
Factory Site No. 2277, Huqingping Road, Xujing Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai
Manufacturer Contact Information 4008200128
Shelf Life 270
Production Date May 01, 2020 To June 21, 2020

Oishi Garden Potato Chips Original Flavor




    Centro Comercial Bragashopping, Loja 311

    4710-237 Braga


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