It´s hard to find a bigger Star Trek fan than Sheldon Cooper.

After all, it features one of his most-admired role models: the very logical Mr. Spock.

From the hit TV series The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon´s our favorite theoretical physicist: a textbook narcissist with almost no social skills, an obsession with rules and an occasional flash of humanity that makes him utterly endearing.

That´s how you know when he tells you to ´Live Long and Prosper,´ he really means it!It´s a classic Sheldon pose that designer Mohammad ´Hawk´ Haque has captured in our Q-Pop™ figure, which stands about 3.5 inches tall and is made of PVC.

As with all our Q-Pop figures, Sheldon comes with a word bubble and special marker, so that you can add quotes.e.

The Big Bang Theory Q-Pop Figure Sheldon Cooper 9 cm

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